Sound Magic introduces Blue Grand Version 6.0 featuring two distinguished Steinway Grand Pianos. Powered by the latest Neo Piano Hybrid Modeling Engine, Blue Grand is not merely a piano instrument, but also a powerful songwriting tool.

ANAHEIM, CA, USA: Audio technologies developer Sound Magic is proud to announce availability of Blue Grand — its latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit), featuring two distinguished Steinway Grand Pianos. — As of Oct 15th, 2021.

Blue Grand is a dynamic combination of two distinguished Steinway Grand Pianos combined into one amazing and affordable price. This gives musicians of all skill levels more freedom to create beautiful music and unmatched artistry all their own.

Blue Grand is not merely a piano instrument, but also a powerful songwriting tool. Blue Grand embodies over 100 piano loops designed by professional composers that cover different styles of music. These will make the whole process easier for the musicians as they can be inspired by the pre-recorded creative music pieces and add extra layers to their music. This will have an immediate result on most music styles. What is more, we also provide different BPM versions for each loop. With this powerful tool, even a starting musician can write professional piano tracks without spending too much time learning composing.

VINTAGE 1927 (STEINWAY D) Offering a rich, luxurious sound, this Steinway piano produces a dynamic range that can accompany all types of different music, such as pop, jazz, classical, and more.

LIVING STEREO (STEINWAY D) is the perfect blend of crisp, rich tones and stunning resonance, this piano provides your audience with a live, vibrant feeling that’s perfect for real-time performances.

The dynamic of a piano is the most decisive aspect of its sound quality. Around 10 years ago, Sound Magic had already applied a True Piano Dynamic system which can represent piano dynamic in the most efficient way. And in years, we keep improving the performance. A True Piano Dynamic means the piano will have different dynamics from low notes to high notes; usually, high notes will have more dynamic range. Now, our True Piano dynamic system enables every note to have its unique dynamic range, and it can be fully controlled by knobs.

Blue Grand is powered by Hybrid Modeling technology and HD Velocity Layer 3 with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology (support up to 65,536 velocity layers) providing a natural boost to expressive power that can be felt with every strike of the keys. Along with the new Neo Piano engine, which achieves 400 times more variations than a traditional sample engine, every note played is unique, creates vivid sound representation, and strikes a rich, accurate tone even with small movement. In essence, it’s an instrument with a musical soul instead of a machine feel. What is more, in this new version we allow you to experience this in a system which only supports 127 velocity layers by applying HDR. This makes this technology can be used without any cost upgrading your MIDI system.

Blue Grand has a MSRP as $199, now has intro offer as $99 until January 15th, 2022.

Blue Grand is available to purchase online directly via Sound Magic Co., Ltd for $99.00 USD from here:


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