Sound Magic Releases Blue Grand3D, a limited edition with steinway grand piano sound

In 2009, We released Blue Grand3D as our second generation of hybrid modelling pianos (Now it is already in 10th generation). This product is really good which gathered several awards and made our reputation in the virtual piano world. At that time, this piano came with a spacer plugin which makes it sounds in a 3D space. But as technology advances, this product has been replaced by Blue Grand in 2013. But still, some old customers still love its Blue Grand3D’s mellow and mature style of sound. This is a key reason why we decided to bring it back with a special edition.

The classic Blue Grand3D sounds come from Steinway Grand Pianos, which only have 4 velocity layers as technology limits at that time. We finally succeeded in reproducing this sound in our latest piano engine. And we made it into a limited edition, which will last for sale only until Oct 5th, 2022. Also as technology advances, we are able to make this re-issued version more affordable to musicians, as you can see the price tag for it.

For more information, audio and video demos, please visit our product page at:

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