Sound Magic Releases Cadenza Guitars SE, a 3 guitars bundle

Cadenza Guitars SE is a sample library bundle of 3 guitars, featuring a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a legendary Les Paul Guitar. These instruments are widely used in music production. Sound Magic combined them into one bundle at an amazing and affordable price. This gives musicians of all skill levels more freedom to create beautiful music and unmatched artistry all their own.

Classical Guitar samples from a customized mod version of Kremona Solea Artist Series Nylon Guitar. We sampled over 2300 samples and over 15 techniques on this guitar. Finally, we obtained a 5 GB guitar library.

Acoustic Guitar D45 captures the tone of a Martin D45 custom version. This carefully handpicked acoustic guitar is referred to as the one that has an iconic Martin guitar sound. Its bright, high end tone will make it easier to stand out in a busy mixing project.

Electric Guitar LP Lite features a 1963 Gibson Les Paul, one of the most famous electric guitar models, which appears in many ‘60s Rock and Roll legendary albums. It is one of the guitarist’s prominent instruments In 1965, Eric Clapton began using Les Pauls because of the influence of Freddie King and Hubert Sumlin and played a 1960 Standard on the groundbreaking album Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton. In America, Mike Bloomfield began using a 1954 Les Paul goldtop while touring with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and recorded most of his work on the band’s East-West album with that guitar. By 1967, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was using mid-1950s, P-90 pickup-equipped goldtops or black custom models, which he used through 1968.

By using the latest Hybrid Modelling technology, our Cadenza Guitars could provide both authentic sound from a sample library and playability for a modeling instrument. The design philosophy of Cadenza Guitars is simple “top-notch guitar sound at a very affordable price while maximizing the sound shaping possibilities to provide more choices on sound”

Cadenza Guitars SE has an MSRP as $249 and is available to purchase online directly via Sound Magic Co., Ltd for $149.00 USD from here:

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