Sound Magic Releases Neo Koto – Hybrid Modeling Instrument with MIDI 2.0 and MPE Support

[Anaheim, June 21th] – Sound Magic, a leading innovator in audio technology, is proud to announce the release of Neo Koto, a new Hybrid Modeling Instrument with MIDI 2.0 and MPE Support

Neo Koto, powered by the state-of-the-art Qin hybrid modeling engine, revolutionizes pluck strings instruments by offering an impressive capability of 65,536 velocity layers through MIDI2.0 and an endless variety of round-robin samples. The Qin engine is specifically crafted for pluck strings instruments like the Koto, allowing users to adjust various physics parameters to sculpt the sound. This results in an unparalleled virtual instrument experience that you have never encountered before.

Neo Koto includes two types of Koto. The first is the traditional 13-string Koto, while the second is a 17-string Koto that predominantly covers the bass range. With these two Koto types, Neo Koto can effectively handle most Koto parts in traditional Japanese music.

Remarkably, despite its mere 250MB size, it matches the expressiveness of a 37GB sample library. Its modeling design ensures swift responsiveness for real-time play, offering infinite creative potential.

Virtual MDIR (Multi Dimensional Impulse Response) Stage lets users to move the sound around in a virtual space, and Sound Magic’s technology works its magic to apply the perfect 3D sounds to the final output. This feature is a game-changer, especially in crowded mixes or projects with multiple instruments, making your workflow a whole lot smoother.

A key feature of the Qin Engine is its extensive capability to handle and utilize the latest MIDI 2.0 and MPE devices. The Magic Hub acts as a bridge between these latest devices and users, performing complex tasks behind the scenes while presenting user-friendly settings. This allows users to fully maximize the potential of the latest MIDI devices. Additionally, the Magic Hub offers an upsampling feature that can convert old 7-bit MIDI 1.0 signals to the new high-resolution MIDI 2.0 format, giving older devices a new lease on life.

Neo Koto has an intro price as $99 until July,20th 2024, its MSRP is $199

To experience the future of Hybrid Modeling instruments with latest MIDI 2.0 and MPE support, visit the product page to learn more about Neo Koto and make it an essential part of your creative toolkit.




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