A new era in string sample library technology – introducing Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins from Spitfire Audio. 

As requested by the composer community, this will be the first section in the Abbey Road Orchestra range to be delivered in two tiers: Core and Professional. 

Created using entirely new recording and development techniques from R&D sessions at Abbey Road, Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins offers extensive functionality, while retaining the beauty and brilliance of orchestral strings in the unique acoustic of Abbey Road Studio One.

This is a truly dynamic instrument – reacting in real time, so that every time you play, your next movement is triggered. This library takes playability and responsiveness to new heights for composers.



Stepping up its legato technology in both the Core and Professional versions, Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins features the most detailed and advanced legatos Spitfire Audio has ever made. With multiple layers of legato techniques reacting in realtime to your playing speed and velocity.

The Core tier offers a comprehensive collection of articulations, with a very high level of sampling depth and one Simon Rhodes-curated signal option in order to keep the size and RAM requirements low.

The Professional tier goes above and beyond any library Spitfire Audio has ever created with eight legato articulations in the greatest sampling depth, 16 signal options (including two Simon Rhodes mixes), additional legato techniques for key switching, and alternative attacks for the ultimate in expression.


Working with the Abbey Road team, including GRAMMY® Award-winner Simon Rhodes, in a state-of-the-art studio and with the best string players in London – meticulously recorded to allow for smooth and expressive transitions between notes, emulating the natural way a violinist shifts from one note to another without breaks – gives Spitfire Audio the unmatched ability to deliver the highest quality possible. 

The design, development and production underlines Spitfire Audio’s commitment to deliver an orchestral range with unrivalled expression, realism, and playability.


A host to celebrated classical recordings from Elgar and Prokofiev, as well as iconic film scores from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and the more recent releases of Avengers: Endgame, Black Panther and Tar, Studio One needs no introduction. 

Home to one of the greatest in-house collections of vintage and modern microphones and a control room fitted with a 72-channel Neve 88 RS console with a unique and comprehensive surround monitor section, Studio One is the perfect setting for Spitfire Audio’s meticulously planned recording sessions. The company’s aim is to work with the best, to deliver you the world’s most detailed sampling orchestra, and Abbey Road – one of the most in-demand recording studios in the film scoring landscape – was the perfect space to make this happen.

“Spitfire Audio are undoubtedly the best team in the world to deliver something truly groundbreaking. The bar has been raised exceedingly high and this is only the beginning for the Abbey Road Orchestra series. It feels like we are all in for a remarkable journey.” 

— Mirek Stiles Head of Audio Products, Abbey Road Studios


  • 22 Techniques:
    • Legato Techniques:
      • Performance Legato (Extended) (Pro) – A hugely detailed and highly playable legato patch which reacts in realtime to playing speed. This extended Pro version includes additional legato styles (portamento and detaché) plus marcato and soft entries for single notes – our most advanced legato ever
      • Lyrical Legato (Extended) (Pro) – A relaxed legato patch for slower moving melody lines. This extended Pro version includes additional legato styles (portamento and detaché) plus marcato and soft entries for single notes
      • Performance Legato (Core + Pro) – A hugely detailed and highly playable legato patch which reacts in realtime to playing speed
      • Lyrical Legato (Core + Pro) – A relaxed legato patch for slower moving melody lines
      • Legato Runs (Pro) – A very agile legato patch specifically for very fast passages and flourishes up to a minor 3rd (Legato intervals greater than a minor 3rd will not sound)
      • Legato Detache (Pro) – A legato-style patch in which all the connecting notes have broad but separated bow strokes, ideal for strong and impactful statements
      • Legato Portamento (Pro) – A legato patch in which all the intervals are performed in a ‘portamento’ style with an intentional slide between notes
      • Legato Slurred (Pro) – A legato patch with slurred intervals performed with a ‘moderate tempo’ feel for sweeping melody lines
      • Legato Allegro (Pro) – A legato patch with slurred intervals performed with a sprightly ‘uptempo’ feel, ideal for quicker or arpeggiated ostinato material
    • Long Techniques:
      • Long (Extended) (Pro) – A polyphonic sustained longs patch – this extended Pro version features additional soft and marcato styles for note entries triggered by key velocity
      • Long (Core + Pro) – A polyphonic sustained longs patch for pads and chordal writing
      • Flautando (Core + Pro) – A sustained note performed with a fast bow speed playing close to the fingerboard (sul tasto) creating a delicate and airy flute-like sound
      • Tremolo (Core + Pro) – A technique performed with rapid continuous bowing, creating delicate flurrying textures at lower dynamics with increasing intensity at louder volumes
      • Harmonics (Core + Pro) – Sustained notes produced from the overtones of the string (artificial harmonics) sounding higher than the fundamental to create glassy, suspenseful textures
      • Trills (Major & Minor 2nds & 3rds) (Core + Pro) – Rapid alternating between two notes
      • Tremolo (Measured – 150 & 180 BPM) (Core + Pro) – Tremolo performed with a specified number of repeated notes which may be sync’d to the host DAW’s tempo


  • Short Techniques:
    • Spicattisimo (Core + Pro) – An extremely short note length performed by quickly bouncing the bow on the string – an agile technique for very fast, articulate material
    • Spiccato (Core + Pro) – A very short and crisp note length performed by bouncing the bow on the string creating a sprightly ‘all-purpose’ short articulation
    • Staccato (Core + Pro) – A short note length performed with the bow starting on the string, sounding clearly detached with a slight accent
    • Marcato (Core + Pro) – A technique performed with a strong accented front to the note – presented as a longer note length than ‘staccato’ with the option of Timed Release triggers
    • Pizzicato (Core + Pro) – A short note produced by plucking the strings with the fingers. ‘Bartok pizzicato is recorded at the very highest dynamic
    • Col Legno (Core + Pro) – A technique performed by tapping the string with the back of the bow or a pencil, producing a light and woody sound
    • 16 Signals:
      • Mix 1 (Core + Pro) – A full-sounding room mix by Simon Rhodes, formed from Tree 1, Overheads, Outriggers 1, and a curated blend of spots
      • Mix 2 (Pro) – A tighter mix by Simon Rhodes, formed from Tree 2, Mids and Outriggers 2 with a curated blend of spots
      • Close (Pro) –Small diaphragm condenser mics placed on each desk and summed capturing a detailed and articulate close image
      • Close Ribbons (Pro) – A combination of ribbon mics placed on each desk capturing a warm and rounded close image
      • Pop Main (Pro) – A cardioid stereo valve mic placed above the section and panned centrally for a flexible image not restricted to the orchestral layout
      • Pop Room (Pro) – Omnidirectional condenser mics placed either side of the section to add additional roominess and space to the Pop Main signal
      • Tree 1 (Pro) – A decca tree formed of Abbey Road’s finest trio of classic valve omnidirectional microphones creating a lush and full sound
      • Tree 2 (Pro) – A tighter, closer decca tree formed from mics with a more directional pattern, suited to faster, more detailed material
      • Outriggers 1 (Pro) – Used in conjunction with either tree to obtain a wider image. This pair utilises omnidirectional mics to reproduce the full width of Studio One
      • Outriggers 2 (Pro) – Used together with either tree to obtain a wider image. This pair uses mics with a more directional pattern, pulling the edges of the room inwards
      • Mids (Pro) – A pair of valve REDD mics placed between the conductor and the source which adds extra focus to the sound when combined with the Tree and Outriggers
      • Ambients (Pro) – A pristine pair of small diaphragm omnidirectional microphones to the rear of the room for a natural ambience
      • Vintage 1 (Pro) – A pair of original 1940s RM1B ribbon microphones placed in front of the conductor to create a vintage scoring stage sound
      • Vintage 2 (Pro) – A pair of classic 44BX ribbon microphones placed by the conductor for an alternative vintage scoring stage sound
      • Leader (Pro) – A single microphone placed on the section leader, used to add additional focus above the full section if required
      • Spill (Pro) – A summation of spot mics placed around the other sections. These capture the natural ‘spill’ from the source across the orchestra for added realism
    • Core:
      • 16 Violins
      • One Simon Rhodes mix 
      • 11,000 samples
      • 3.47GB download size
  • Pro:
    • 16 Violins
    • 16 mic signals (including two Simon Rhodes mixes)
    • Extended legato techniques
    • 196,000 samples
    • 76.2GB download size
  • Housed in the Abbey Road Orchestra plugin


Pre-order: September 21st, 2023 at 5pm BST

Pre-order link: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/abbey-road-orchestra-1st-violins

Available: September 28th, 2023 at 5pm BST

Professional link: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/abbey-road-orchestra-1st-violins-professional

Core link: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/abbey-road-orchestra-1st-violins-core


Professional RRP: £349 / $449 / 399€ **

Pre-order: £279 / $359 / 319€ *

Core RRP: £199 / $249 / 229€ **

Pre-order: £159 / $199 / 179€ *

** There will be a promo crossgrade for all Abbey Road Orchestra and Orchestral Foundations product owners. Available from September 21st until October 12th, 2023

* 20% discount during pre-order period from September 21st to September 28th, 2023



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