Spitfire Audio Jupiter by Trevor Horn — pre-order (with 20% discount) from today at 5pm BST, with download available on August 17th at 5pm BST.

Created with innovative production tools designed by pop pioneer Trevor Horn. A comprehensive collection of characteristic and crafted Drums, FX, Bass, Synths, and Piano, capturing the production style and otherworldly sonic elements associated with the pop innovator’s work – recorded and produced in the legendary hitmaker’s studio, and powered by SOLAR; Spitfire Audio’s eDNA-powered plug-in.

From warm analogue textures to futuristic digital sounds, this is the quintessential library for synthwave and electropop, and for emulating the distinctive treatments and harmonies found in Trevor Horn productions with Grace Jones, Seal and Yes, amongst others.


  • Dedicated SOLAR Plug-In
  • eDNA Interface
  • 300 Presets
  • 208 Individual Sounds
  • Five Instruments – Drums, FX, Bass, Synths & Piano
  • Five Warps – Core, Reflect, Alias, Calibrate & Dimension
  • 45.59GB download size
WALKTHROUGH YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/Dq4iDj_s_0k

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