‘STA Claus’ comes to town thanks to Audified’s feel-good festive promo pricing on STA Effects processing plug-in bundle

BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: audio software and hardware effects developer Audified is proud to announce a festive feelgood pricing promotion on its critically-acclaimed STA Effects — an already affordable summing tube processing plug-in bundle based around its proprietary STA (Summing Tube Amplifier) technology from which it takes its name — equating to an attractive 62% discount running from December 15, 2017 through to January 1, 2018…

‘STA Claus’ is, indeed, coming to town, lighting up the festive studio season with warming tube-driven sounds at a heart-warming discounted price of only $49.00 USD — unmissable as a 62% saving over its MSRP of $129.00 USD! Technically, the namesake STA technology that the STA Effects bundle of summing tube processing plugins benefit from features two signal paths — one processed by modulation or spectral change, the other remaining unprocessed. Ultimately, those two signals are mixed via vacuum tube circuitry models, making more ordinary-sounding effects like flanging or phasing sound exceptionally extraordinary with warming audio attributes like no other!
On that very note, all six STA Effects plug-ins — including the self-explanatory STA Chorus, STA Delay, STA Enhancer, STA Flanger, STA Phaser, and STA Preamp — perform pleasingly to the ear, enabling a beautiful balance of flexibility and familiarity for discerning DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) users, thanks to several superbsounding saturation characteristics available at a painless press of an associated virtual button: P (Presence — higher amount of mid-high frequencies to better cut through the mix), V (Vintage — smoother highs and more even harmonics), B (Brown — an almost flat frequency response with only light high-frequency rolloff and attractive higher harmonic punch), W (White — higher amount of higher frequencies with balanced ratio between the even and odd harmonics), and L (LoFi — less low and high frequencies).
Fortunately, Audified’s attractive pricing promotion makes STA Effects an even more merry purchasing proposition for festive music-making. Merrier still, anyone about to purchase Audified’s acclaimed MixChecker, U73b Compressor, U78 Saturator, or RZ062 Equalizer plug-ins — perhaps the self-explanatory Studio Bundle or Live Guitar and Bass Bundle, even? — should seriously think about doing so sooner rather than later since all such purchases come complete with STA Ehancer (also included in STA Effects) for free during the aforesaid attractive pricing promotion. What better way to see in the New Year, then, than with some seriously-discounted new audio effects!

All six STA Effects are available to purchase as a bundle — running as AAX, VST3, and VST2 plug-ins on Mac (OS X 10.9 – 10.13) and PC (Windows 7 – 10) and AU on Mac — at a seriously-discounted ‘STA Claus’ promo price of $49.00 USD from December 15, 2017 through to January 1, 2018 (returning to its MSRP of $129.00 USD thereafter) from Audified’s online shop here: https://shop.audified.com/collections/products/products/sta-effects

STA Effects is directly downloadable (alongside a demo version) from Audified here: http://services.audified.com/download/STA
STA Effects can be seen and heard in an informative introductory video here: https://youtu.be/_rC27CIMWKQ

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