Super Stereo! – KEMPER(TM) releases new Double Tracker effect with PROFILER(TM) OS Version 8.6

KEMPER Gmbh/ Ruhr Area, Germany – Nov. 4th, 2021 – Kemper today announce the immediate availability of the approved Operating System Version 8.6 for the acclaimed KEMPER PROFILER Guitar amp and FX System.

PROFILER OS 8.6 adds a new FX device to the roster with the KEMPER Double Tracker which turns mono signals into a stereo double-tracked signal in real-time as if two guitarists were playing the same track left and right.

While most double trackers use traditional means of chorus and delay to create timing and pitch differences between the tracks, KEMPER utilizes a dedicated time-stretching algorithm to create the crucial timing variations, independent of the pitch fluctuations. A little pinch of random timbre variance complements the perfect double tracker experience. As a novelty, KEMPER has added the “super-stereo” effect that has been initially introduced with the new delay algorithms in PROFILER OS version 5.0. already. It tremendously widens the stereo panorama of the double-tracking and lets the tracks appear well outside the regular stereo image.

The Double Tracker is best enjoyed in spread stereo, as it is usually utilized in professional recording mixes. Therefore, KEMPER recommends placing the Double Tracker in a module post the stack section.

The straight forward Double Tracker parameters are:

Looseness – Sets the tightness or looseness of the double tracking timing.

Detune – Adds a slight additional detuning to the two tracks, in the fashion of an Air Chorus. The Detune is just an option and not crucial for perfect double tracking. Leave it at zero if not desired.

Stereo – Controls the stereo width of the double tracking. Plus or minus 100% is regular stereo. Higher values establish the super stereo effect.

The KEMPER PROFILER OS 8.6 with the new Double Tracker is available for free at:

Further Information:

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