Supro announces launch of Titan, Rhythm Master and Jupiter combo amplifiers

supro-logoNovember 4, 2015 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) – Continuing to build on the wildly successful revival of its guitar tone legacy, Supro USA now announces the release of three new combo amplifiers: the 1642RT Titan, 1668RT Jupiter and 1675RT Rhythm Master. All three of these new high-power models are intended for guitarists that crave vintage tone and all-tube reverb, with enough headroom to accommodate effects pedals.


The 1642RT Titan is a remarkably compact, gig-friendly 1×10″ combo that delivers unrivaled definition and projection with 50 watts of Class A 6L6 power, all-tube reverb and output-tube tremolo. An all-new HP10 hemp cone speaker provides graceful power handling even when the amplifier is cranked to full power. The Titan is designed for gigging guitarists who need a small size yet high-power, vintage-flavored tube combo amp with enough headroom to handle a modern pedal board setup. Street price: $1499 USD


The 1668RT Jupiter is a modern masterpiece. This top-of-the-line 1×12″ Supro (featuring a custom HP12 hemp cone speaker) is intended for the performing guitarist who needs a high power, vintage-sounding amp with reverb that can gracefully handle any pedal-based rig. The Jupiter amplifier excels at rock, funk, fusion, jazz and electronic music genres, providing the necessary headroom punch and stage volume without sacrificing the fundamental dynamics and tonal characteristics that have made Supro amps famous. The switchable (35W / 45W / 60W) power amp topology of the Jupiter not only allows players to change the texture and output volume of the amp, but it also provides two very different, all-tube tremolo effects depending on whether Class A (cathode bias) or Class AB (grid bias) mode is selected. Street price: $1599 USD


The 1675RT Rhythm Master is made for guitarists who love the huge, bold sound of the 1×15″ Thunderbolt amp, but need a lush, all-tube reverb and tremolo to fill out their sound. Switchable Class A (35 Watts) or Class AB (45 / 60 Watts) power, all-tube reverb and output-tube tremolo make this model Supro USA’s most fully featured 15″ combo amp. Street price: $1599 USD

All three new models were engineered by Bruce Zinky, Thomas Elliot and David Koltai and assembled at the Supro USA factory in Port Jefferson Station, NY. They are shipping now. 




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