Swar Systems unveiling Swarplug 4 and new Sitar ML pack

We are very excited to unveil a major update of our virtual Indian instrument. SwarPlug 4 has been fully reengineered and packed with lots of new functionality like MPE support, effects (Ladder, EQ, Reverb, Convolution), customizable key mappings and much, much more… Watch this video for a glimpse on the new features.




Announcing new Sitar ML Pack:

Along with this plugin update, we will also be releasing a new multi-layered (ML) pack that includes 2 different Sitars and a Surbahar. These have been perfectly resampled in 48kHz, 24bits, multiple mics (direct mono and stereo) and multiple samples per stroke. Each string has been recorded individually and can be rearranged to fit the disposition of your MIDI controller.

This new Sitar ML Pack will be available as an add-on for a small upgrade fee.

Announcing new ML Swarmandal and Tanpuras:

And this is not all! SwarPlug 4 will also include a new Swarmandal and new Tanpuras, all resampled with the same highest quality. Both new ML Packs will be free downloads for registered users.

Expected release:

We are currently consolidating the plugin and will be starting the beta tests within a week. We expect a full public release of both SwarPlug 4 and the new ML packs by mid August. Stay tuned! The update from Swarplu 3 will be for free. You can be part of the beta test phase now.

For more in deep informations go here: Link

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