The all-new Session Strings 2 by e-instruments

e-instruments from Hamburg, Germany, has released the all new Session-Strings 2. Quickly add vibrant color and depth to a pop arrangement, dance track, or score. SESSION STRINGS 2 puts you in control of an 11-piece string ensemble, recorded in stunning detail. With more than five times the size of its predecessor SESSION STRINGS 2  features Smart Chord, Smart Voice Split and a flexible Rhythm Animator to spark your creativity and give you impressive results.

  • The detailed and intimate sound of an 11-piece string ensemble
  • Ideal for pop, R&B, dance tracks, and modern scores
  • Streamlined workflow with smart play assistance tools
  • Extended Rhythm Animator and a powerful Color master multi-effect
  • Contemporary strings
  • 4 Violins, 3 Violas, 2 Celli, 2 Basses
  • Smart Chord to create fully orchestrated string chords from single keys or pads
  • Smart Voice split to allocate chord notes automatically to the correct instrument group
  • Fully editable Rhythm Animator with 264 patterns
  • Color master effect
  • Native Instruments NKS compatible
  • Size: 15 GB / 11 GB (lossless sample compression)
  • 24 bit, 44.1 kHz

The price is at 99,- €, 99,- USD. For further informations go here: Link


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