The new UKU from Acousticsamples

acousticsamples-logoIf you liked the Sunbird, the GD-6 Acoustic Guitar and the Telematic, you will love the UKU! Unlike many other ukulele sample libraries, UKU can both play strums and solo notes, but not only! You can play any chord, any voicing, and even create your own, even impossible ones and play them using strum, finger picking or patterns. We used a very common Kala 4 strings concert ukulele (GCEA tuning) and sampled it very deeply, all frets of all strings with upstrokes, downstrokes, round robins, releases, staccatos, mutes, palm mutes, hand blocks, slides, hammer ons, pull offs, retriggers, fretnoises, percussions other articulations. All of these details allow us to reproduce the real playing of a ukulele player, and easily.



Main features:
Here are the main features of the UKU library.
Strumming machine: The UKU can strum, in various ways, up, down, muted, in legato and allows finger picking.
Chord recognition: Recognizing a chord is made through a database of thousands of standard ukulele chords, and you can edit every one of them or add your own.
Realistic patterns presets: You can choose from a large selection of patterns to create a full song in a few clicks.
Pattern maker: Creating realistic ukulele patterns has never been easier. You can create strumming, picking, or finger picking patterns in seconds and then share them with other users.
Song Builder: Sometimes playing a series of chords can be complicated, especially if you are not an advanced keyboardist. The song builder allows you to decide which chord will be triggered when selecting only one note.
Lossless compression: The UKU is using the popular flac lossless compression format (UVI Workstation 2.5.10 is required to use it) to increase the streaming performances and loading time without loosing any audio quality. You also save space, a lot, the library goes from more than 1Gb uncompressed to 260Mb.

You can learn more about the UKU, listen to audio demos and watch the presentation video on the UKU page.

The UKU library is available now for 69€ / 79$

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