Tracktion 5 mit zahlreichen Updates

tracktion-logoNicht einmal 20 Tage ist es her, dass die Version 5 der Tracktion DAW vorgestellt wurde. Heute gab es schon wieder ein Update auf die Version 5.2.1. Hier ist eine Übersicht der bisherigen Änderungen und des Versionsverlaufs:



  • fix for quick param displays in racks.
  • EQ phase invert fix.


  • misc fixes for track selection + focus.
  • REX fix for Windows.


  • automation write fix.
  • MIDI line tool fix.
  • truncated long edit names in tabs.
  • fix for rendering to MP3.
  • transport pause with Ctrl key.
  • avoiding opening plugins when scanning for orphan clips.
  • fix for not applying master filters to some exports.
  • fix for re-linking files from old projects.


  • Fix for some problems dragging project folders around.
  • auto-scrolling when dragging tracks around.
  • fix for dragging multiple tracks.
  • pass-through filters rendering fix.
  • Absynth GUI fix.
  • fix for mono clip channels.


  • Better plugin scanning.
  • VST3 fixes.
  • fix for cmd-mousewheel zoom.
  • Sending all-controllers-off to avoid hanging notes with sustain pedal.
  • folder clip selection fix.
  • REX fix.
  • fix for imported files going into the wrong folder.
  • Better MIDI note visibility when zoomed out or ghosted.
  • Performance improvements in drawing MIDI editor.
  • Added pan law selection feature.


  • New plugin scanning algorithm.
  • Ogg file reverse bug.
  • MIDI snap notes to grid broken.
  • reordering filters/plugins in the filterpanel.
  • RX2 (Rex) Files in the 64-bit version.
  • Action USB device not working in loop mode.
  • Grid line rendering fix.
  • MIDI snapping.
  • Track plugin volume preset fix.

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