Two New Evolution Guitars from Orange Tree Samples

We’re excited to welcome two additions to our Evolution guitar series, available individually as well as within their applicable bundles. Check out the overview videos and details below, and be sure to go to their individual product pages for more details, audio demos, and to add them to your collection today!

The first new library, Evolution Songwriter, features a steel string acoustic guitar popular among many singer-songwriters–undoubtedly due to its gorgeous tone and how easy it fits into the mix. The sound of library was inspired by a wide range of artists, including The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and the more modern acoustic sounds of Iron & Wine and The Dirty Projectors. Evolution Songwriter is the result of a collaboration with William Derganc, who not only sampled the Gibson J-45 used for the sample library, but also contributed many factory snapshot presets, strumming patterns, and custom chord presets. In the spirit of singer-songwriters, Evolution Songwriter also includes an additional audio signal that was run through a cassette tape deck. This option adds saturation, slight pitch imperfections, and other nostalgic qualities to the tone of the guitar.

The second newcomer to the Evolution guitar series, Evolution Infinity, is a retro ’80s electric guitar that gives you everything from bright, clean tones to shredding leads. Need more sustain? Evolution Infinity features a special sustainer pickup that makes notes sustain indefinitely. We recommend pairing this feature with a generous amount of whammy bar usage, tapping, and pinch harmonics. It also works wonderfully for chordal textures, incorporating the volume pedal effect.

Until December 1st, both guitar libraries are available at a $40 OFF introductory price of $139 each.

Fore more informations go here: Link

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