Saint Gély-du-Fesc – France – November 18th, 2021 – Two notes Audio Engineering, the world leading innovator and manufacturer of load boxes, attenuators, digital load boxes and digital cabinet emulators, announces new DynIR virtual cabinets from prolific Capture Master, Hop Pole Studios. 7 all-new DynIR virtual cabinets perfectly replicate only the best tone & response of the most sought after British cabinets – available exclusively as single DynIR’s or collectively in the ‘Best of British’ DynIR virtual cabinet pack.

Hop Pole Studios is a commercial recording studio from Manchester, England. They specialize primarily in producing rock and metal music, but have also worked within film sound and A.D.R. (Automatic Dialogue Replacement). Since opening their doors in 2009, Hop Pole clients have included “Britain’s Got Talent”, “Suzuki” and “Colgate”. The studio is owned and operated by engineer (and YouTube tutor) Adam Steel. The YouTube Channel (which has recently passed 50,000 subscribers) focuses on teaching aspiring recording enthusiasts how to get incredible recorded sounds at home – including getting the very best guitar tones imaginable. Notable video projects on the channel have involved Two notes, Celestion, Sennheiser, Shure, Victory Amps and many more.

The Best of British Collection
Exquisitely captured at Hop Pole studio, Manchester, UK, this all new collection of hard-to-find British DynIR virtual cabinets centres around the “oversized”. Whether it’s a Fat Boy, Fat Baby or a Tall Box, this DynIR collection guarantees to deliver the goods; a must-have for any tone officiado, offering an uncompromising capture of some of the industry’s most sought-after guitar cabinets. Included in this collection are:6 Virtual Guitar Cabinets:

  • BlazeTone 420 – inspired by a Zilla® 1×12″ Fatboy closed-back cab with a Celestion® HempBack speaker
  • DeekySpeeky – inspired by a Zilla® 1×10″ open-back cab with a Celestion® CreamBack speaker
  • BigGreenBeast – inspired by a Zilla® 4×12″ BigBeast oversized closed-back cab with Celestion® V30s fitted in an X pattern.
  • PurpleHaze – inspired by an extremely rare Marshall® 4×12″ “Tall Box” 1982B closed back cab with Celestion® G12 Greenback speakers
  • GodsBrit G12H – inspired by an oversized Marshall® 4×12″ ModeFour MF400A closed back cab with 2 (early) Celestion® V30s and 2 Celestion® G12H Anniversary speakers.
  • Fable – inspired by a Wharfedale® / Albon® 4×12″ cab loaded with own-brand speakers: similar to V30s but very mid forward and smooth – it’s the secret weapon of such famed producers as Ulrich Wild and Adam Steel.

1 Virtual Bass Cabinet:

  • Mini Fridge 12 – inspired by a Zilla® 2×12″ Bass closed back cab with Celestion® Neo speakers

All 6 guitar cabinets have been captured with a selection of industry standard microphones including: an AKG® 414 EB, a Neumann® U87, a Shure® SM7B, an AKG® D112, a Shure® SM57, an EV® RE20, a Sennheiser® MD421-U5 and an Extinct Audio Black Ops® Ribbon.

The bass cabinet has also been captured with a selection of industry standard microphones including: a Neumann® U47 FET, an Audix® D6, a Electrovoice® RE20, an AKG® D112, a Shure® SM57, a Shure® Beta52, a Sennheiser® MD421-U5 and an Extinct Audio Black Ops® Ribbon.

The entire DynIR collection was captured through Camborne Audio® Camden and Drawmer 1960 preamps, and then through BBC® AM713 line preamps and BBC® 9 band inductor EQs. All captures were recorded via an Audient® ASP880 interface.

As we’re sure you will agree, for anyone looking for unique, rare and quintessentially British-born guitar tone, this is one collection that cant be ignored!

The all-new Best of British Collection of DynIR virtual cabinets are compatible with all DynIR-enabled Torpedo hardware (including Captor X, C.A.B. M+ and digital legacy products), 3rd party Torpedo embedded devices and the Torpedo Wall of Sound v4 audio plug-in (Mac/PC).

The Best of British collection can be purchased via this link on the Two notes store:

For more information on Two notes’ groundbreaking product roster and DynIR technology, please visit

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