Vorschau: EBS auf der Winter NAMM Show 2014

EBS-logoEBS aus Schweden zeigt auf den Winter NAMM Show 2014 seine Produkte, darunter das neue EBS VALVE DRIVE DI. Gezeigt wird außerdem ein Bass Amp, eine Bass Box und ein Fuzz Pedal für Gitarre und Bass, sowie das EBS CARRYON System. Der Hersteller hat diverse Pressemitteilungen zur NAMM Show herausgegeben:




EBS announces the EBS ValveDrive DI!

EBS-ValveDriveDI-front-kleinThe awarded original EBS ValveDrive overdrive/preamp pedal came out in 2006. Over the years it has collected high-profile fans like Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Sean Hurley of John Mayer’s band and George ‘Goggi’ Holm of Sígur Ros for its ability to provide great classic tube amp bass sound – from a pedal! Now it’s time for a revival! The EBS ValveDrive DI will be introduced at the NAMM Show 2014!
New outputs for extended use :
The main new benefit with the ValveDrive DI is the XLR-output, offering a balanced floating signal that allows you to plug the pedal straight into the mixing console in the studio or at the gig. Add to that, the former standard passive output has turned into a low-impedance output so you can use the ValveDrive DI as a stand-alone preamp with an external power amp to give you the pure ValveDrive tone right out of your speakers.
New powering technique :
There are plenty of pedals with a tube in it, but few deliver the warm fat tone of a tube amp. The original EBS ValveDrive was powered by a 12V AC power supply converted to high voltage inside to give the tube the push it needs to deliver real tube distortion. EBS has developed the ValveDrive DI to do the same using a 9V DC power supply. The benefit is a pedal much more compatible with standard power supplies.
 The tube :
The EBS ValveDrive DI is equipped with a superior quality tube.
 Included accessories :
The EBS ValveDrive DI comes with a 9V DC power supply included.
 Price and availability :
The EBS ValveDrive DI will be introduced at the WinterNAMM Show 2014, at the end of January. It will start shipping out of Sweden shortly after. Price TBA.



EBS-Classic500-kleinThe EBS Classic 500 is the natural evolution of the previous EBS Classic 450 bass head. The extra power and the new compact casing bring flexibility and portability to the table. This is a very capable bass head with a stunning look.
Vintage tone: 
The new EBS Classic 500 retro-styled bass amp offers a classic tube amp-type of sound although it is a solid state bass head. The musical boosted Drive control and the exceptional control offered by the dual midrange section makes it easy to dial-in any type of vintage (or modern) bass sound. The plenty of power offered from the new power amp makes the Classic 500 an amazingly versatile bass amp with a beautiful tone. Transparent to the character of your bass – in true EBS tradition! The thoughtfully designed EQ puts you firmly in the driving seat adding everything from subtle, vintage overdrive to a mean driving distortion, whilst maintaining a beautiful low rounded bottom end.
The perfect match for EBS ClassicLine cabinets:
With the new compact design, the Classic 500 is the perfect match for ALL EBS ClassicLine cabinets, including the narrower mini size 112 cabinets. The new design also works fine with the ProLine and NeoLine cabinets.  
The EBS Classic 500 bass amp comes with a padded cover.
100% Solid State design
More than 400 W RMS @  
4 ohm, 500 W RMS @ 2 ohm
Carefully designed EQ section with dual mid-range controls
Drive control
Floating balanced XLR-output
Character filter
Improved design including:
– Higher dynamic range
– Improved finish on details
– Better filter section
– Lower noise  
– Improved distortion engine
– New cabinet design matches ALL cabinets of the ClassicLine.  
– Also works with ProLine or NeoLine cabinets.
– Padded cover included


EBS-Classic210-kleinEBS is proud to present a new addition to the ClassicLine speaker cabinets – the EBS ClassicLine 210. The EBS ClassicLine cabinets are developed for musicians with a love of a classic sound and look. The EBS ClassicLine gear is 25 years of bass equipment building experience packaged in a vintage outfit offering an unrivalled tonal clarity and power to blow your audience away.  
The new EBS ClassicLine 210 is equipped with 2x 10” selected conventional speakers and a 2” tweeter. It can be used as a stand-alone cabinet, or together with a 410 or 212 cabinet. Flip it 90 degrees, and it will fit on top of the 112 cabinet. Since it is an 8 ohm cabinet, an EBS Reidmar head can drive a pair of 210s, or one together with a 112. The also new EBS Classic 500 amps and the 112 cabinet share the width of a flipped 210 cabinet, so you can stack them together nicely. The ClassicLine 210 is ported on the backside, to reduce the risk of a rattling front cloth.
The ClassicLine cabinets make the great EBS bass sound available to every bass player. Reminiscent of the EBS ProLine cabinets, with a little warmer and rounder character that adds a vintage touch. These are powerful cabinets that will make demanding bass players satisfied. All cabinets in the line are equipped with a 2” tweeter controlled by a fader, except the 112 cabinet that use an on/off switch to handle the tweeter.  
The EBS ClassicLine 210 cabinet is shipping now!
Made of multi-laminated plywood covered with vinyl.
Cloth front grill.
Deep Dish Handles.
2x Neutrik® SPEAKON connectors (& 2x 1/4” connectors) for input and link through.
Conventional speakers selected and optimized to match the cabinet.
2” tweeter.
Comes with a padded cover.


EBS-fuzzmo-kleinThe EBS FuzzMo pedal is developed by EBS to fill the gap between EBS excellent distortion pedals and a vintage type of fuzz effect for bass. The pedal produces a wide range of vintage and modern effects with several features to dial-in Your favorite fuzz tone.
Blending possibilities:
Similar to the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive, you can blend the fuzz tone with a clean signal. Fire up the distortion engine gain as much as you like with the ’Gain’ control, set the ’Volume’ for the distortion and then blend in the clean unaffected tone by turning up the ’Blend’ control. Instead of a tone control, the EBS FuzzMo features a ’Shape’ control that changes the shape of the gain engine, from triangle to square wave through the passive tone stack.
Character filter: 
If the controls does not offer enough flexibility, this pedal also feature a ’Character’ filter. This goes in three steps from flat, to subtle mid-scoop, to maximum mid-scoop (or cut).  
True Bypass:
The EBS FuzzMo uses a True Bypass footswitch. The pedal runs on 9V DC battery or Power Supply.
Analog effect
Controls for Gain, Shape, Volume and Blend
Offering the feature of blending signal from clean to max fuzz
60 dB Ultra High Gain Distortion
MID Scoop Character filter with 3 positions: Flat/Medium/Max
Wide range of Fuzz sounds ranking from Classic fuzz from the 60’s to the raving 21st century
Ultra low power consumption
True Bypass


EBS CARRYON™ – Soft padded flight case with pedal board:
EBS_CarryOnBag-kleinThe EBS CarryOn™ heavy-duty pedal board with soft padded case is tailored to fit as cabin luggage. The endless possibilities due to the featured items make this pedal board one of the most versatile on the market.  
Comfort and security: 
Several features add to the comfort when carrying around the case, such as the extra padded handles and shoulder strap. The included code lock makes it easy to keep your pedals safe while traveling or at the rehearsal space.  
Super versatility:
The pedal board handles can be placed either on each short side or on the top long side of the board. Featured angled rubber pads can be used to set an angle on the complete pedal board, or to angle single pedals or a row of pedals. The pedal board is 2-sided where one side is prepared for using the featured velcro pads to attach pedals, and the other is suitable to use the featured 3MTM dual lock.   
‚Airplane cabin approved‘ size
Lockable soft padded case
Padded dual reinforced handles
Comfort padded shoulder strap
Clean outer surface for easy stacking
Net bucket on the inside for accessories
2-sided pedal board – Velcro or 3M™ dual lock
Velcro pads and 1.7m 3M™ dual lock included
Removable pedal board handles – for interchangeable position
Possibility to set complete pedalboard/or selected pedals in different angles using the included angled attachable rubber pads.
Detachable rubber feets included.  
Attached by screws or with adhesive tape.


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