Acousitic Samples Introducing the VHorns Saxophones

The most realistic saxophone plugin, thanks to HAT (our proprietary Harmonic Alignment Technology). These 8 instruments use real samples as the sound source, the rest is modeled, providing the highest level of authenticity and playability. Don’t believe us? Listen for yourself!
They’re also available in pairs (altos, sopranos, tenors and baritones) at an intro price as well. Discover more on their pages!
Each instrument has a distinct tone, recorded by a different musician. Additionally, each pair of instruments was recorded in 2 distinct styles, with both classical and jazz stylings. Our goal was to make great, authentic sounding horns with a simple and powerful way to play them. Our HAT technology allows us to achieve that and accurately reproduce the evolution of each one’s timbre from very to soft to loud playing. VHorns is not another heavily multi-sampled instrument – you can play the articulations yourself like a player would, only with a MIDI controller (or by drawing it in)! No complicated key switches here.
Take control of these 8 instruments with Air Flow Control, Authentic Vibrato, Legato Transitions, Multi Microphone Recording, Virtual Spaces, Mutes, Advanced Editing, MIDI Controllers (keyboard, breath or wind controller), Ensembles and more…
If you’re not convinced, check out what the VHorns saxophones can do in the audio demos on our website or on this youtube video showing the comparison between a real Saxophone player and VHorns.
Available now at a special introductory price through November 1st, 2022. 

Regular price Intro price
199€ / $229 149€ / $179


For more informations go here.

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