Arturia announce V Collection 6.2 update

The latest update to Arturia’s V Collection sees the French software and hardware creators take the next step in terms of features, stability, and integration. Synclavier V – a recreation of New England Digital’s revolutionary digital synth – sees an update to version 2, introducing resynthesis and sampling abilities. Presets have been refined, bugs have been squashed, integration has been streamlined, and the result is not only the best sounding, most comprehensive collection of vintage software emulations out there, but also the most reliable.

Huge Synclavier V update
The headline feature of V Collection 6.2 is the exciting overhaul of Synclavier V, which made its debut in V Collection 5, to version 2. Developed with Cameron Jones, the inventor of the original instrument, this update adds several incredible new features, including:
• RESYNTHESIS: Synclavier V 2 now contains a resynthesis engine, letting it create synth sounds that mimic the tonal properties of an audio sample. Sounds complicated to use, but it couldn’t be simpler. Drag and drop the sample, auto-analyze it, and Synclavier will create a synth sound based on the sample. This can be refined with up to 100 key sample points, and the resulting sound can be augmented and processed just as you would with any other synth sound within Synclavier V.

• SAMPLE PLAYBACK: instead of resynthesising their samples, users can choose to play back samples with vintage digital grain and pitch scaling. A great way of making retro “hit” sounds, big textural pads, and quirky vocal hooks.

• THE NEW PRESETS & SAMPLES: not only does Synclavier V 2 feature hundreds of new presets that show off its new features, Arturia have also included a selection of New England Digital samples to give it that authentic touch.

• INTERFACE REFINEMENTS: several important, workflow-enhancing improvements have been made to the instrument’s UI, ensuring the best, most enjoyable Synclavier V experience ever.

KeyLab MkII integration
V Collection 6.2 improves the already incredible integration between Arturia’s software instruments and its next generation controller keyboards. A perfect match, the latest update adds a few handy shortcuts to KeyLab MkII. For example, clicking “Clear All” on the preset browser now automatically scrolls to the top of the preset list.
Presets refined
All 7,000+ presets found across the entire V Collection and all its purchasable Sound Banks have been reviewed and updated to ensure their levels are all of similar intensity. RIP headphone users? Not anymore. Now aggressive synths and sultry pianos have a similar perceived volume, letting you make informed preset choices on tone, rather than impressive volume.
Bug fixes
Arturia’s developers are always working hard making sure that all 21 instruments in V Collection 6.2 work perfectly across different platforms and DAWs, and keeping up the latest software from other developers. Since the last update, we have resolved hundreds of issues. Here are some of the key issues resolved in this update:
• Komplete Kontrol / Maschine NKS performance improved

• No more crashes when a “Song Select” MIDI message is received

• No more cracks and glitches when modifying effect’s dry/wet parameters

• Live 10 doesn’t crash anymore when browsing presets from the AU version

• No more crashes when switching instruments in FL Studio on Mac OS

• Preset navigation using KeyLab Essential now works correctly in Studio One

• Faster sample loading times for CMI and Synclavier V sounds in Analog Lab

• You can no longer accidentally save over the presets in purchased Sound Banks

• No more audio peaks when switching preset while playing

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