Arturia introducing Rev LX-24: the eternal reverb

Rev LX-24 is an enhanced virtual replica of a retro ambience box that defined reverb for a generation. Make your mixes bloom with real-feeling space, cave depth atmosphere, and subtly-sparkling texture in seconds with a vintage digital sound that refuses to get old.

_A definitive digital reverb:
The classic cream-colored box with those famously spacious algorithms; reanimated in detail, upgraded, and primed for DAW production.
_Subtle space to huge atmosphere
Endless canyon reflections, crisp ambient clouds, or small room bounciness; the clean, musical, must-have reverb that changed the game.
_Bring any instrument to life
The missing magic on vocal tracks, the vital spaciousness on drums, the epic long decays on synth melodies – Rev LX-24 works with any sound.
_Advanced view
Rev LX-24: introductory offer
To celebrate the launch, new & existing users can purchase Rev LX-24 with limited-time introductory discounts. Eligible users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 3 + Rev LX-24. Users can login at to unlock their exclusive discounts, available until Sunday April 23rd.

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