Null Modular unveils n-1 as a sleek, flat-packable Eurorack modular case for modern music enthusiasts

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: Null Modular is proud to announce the official release of its n-1 Eurorack modular case — constructed from euro plywood with a clever flat-packable design that interlocks and slides together easily and needs no tools for assembly, instead including dowel pins for securing the wooden frame, pre-threaded aluminum rails, M5 hex socket screws, and M3 rail slide nuts — with pre-ordering open as of April 3…
As an unpowered case, n-1 offers users the freedom to select a panel-mounted power supply, or to adapt an internal power option; with 92mm/35⁄8” of depth, the case offers flexibility for a range of power solutions. It is available in two sizes — 48HP x 3U and 84HP x 3U — as the perfect partner for all stages of any user’s creative journeying into modular synthesis. Subsequently, Null Modular will release a range of accessories designed to enhance the n-1 case’s versatility and customization options, ensuring it remains an adaptable companion. But by using sustainable materials and efficient flat-pack distribution, n-1 is already one of the most accessible Eurorack modular cases on the market.
Masterminded in response to a friend’s request for ‘a simple box’ to house their Eurorack modules, prototype versions of the n-1 case have since become a cult favorite among musicians and designers from Los Angeles to France. Founded upon a design sensibility that is minimal, playful, and familiar yet peculiar, Null Modular creates products that resonate with users like a trusted friend. By balancing functionality with ‘feature wish lists’, the company continues to innovate in the world of modular synthesis.
Since Null Modular designs, prototypes, and manufactures all products in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, California, it can efficiently experiment with materials and fabrication methods to refine its offerings. “Our modular synth community appreciates the tiniest of details; we take that to heart when designing and fabricating our cases,” comments Null Modular Founder Meghan Hui.
Having said that, then, modern music enthusiasts can join the Null Modular community in redefining the future of Eurorack modular cases by experiencing n-1’s clever flat-packable design for themselves!
What is in the box?
  • 12mm plywood frame, 3mm plywood back
  • Four dowel pins
  • One pair of pre-threaded aluminum rails
  • M5 hex socket screws
  • M3 rail slide nuts
  • Mystery stickers! 
Expected to ship in May 2023, n-1 is available to pre-order at an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $98.00 USD for the 48HP x 3U-sized version and $129.00 USD for the 84HP x 3U-sized version via San Clemente, CA, USA-based distributor Electro-Distro’s growing global network of dealers ( or directly via the Null Modular website (, which includes more information. 
Download an assembly guide for n-1 as a PDF (Portable Document File) from here: 

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