Audio Modeling is excited to announce partnership with Enhancia at Kickstarter campaign 2018!

Enhancia is a growing french start-up fueled by a common passion of music. The company develops a connected ring Neova which allows musicians control any sound effects through natural hand gestures. Driven by the same vision, our teams have started collaborating to bring together unparalleled products that offer both expressive sound and control.

Exclusively for the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to order SWAM Cello or SWAM Saxophones and Neova MIDI ring controller with a 25% discount!

About Neova MIDI Ring Controller by Enhancia:

Neova is a connected ring that identifies extremely natural hand gestures and faithfully interprets each subtlety into musical expression. This MIDI controller can be freely assigned to any effect from your DAW or hardware synthesizer. It results in a purposeful tool enabling new forms of creativity.

For more in deep informations and to order go here:



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