Black Lion Audio announces own offering of on-the-go Chicago-style sonic bliss as Auteur mkIII two-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: Black Lion Audio is proud to announce Auteur mkIII — making for the boutique audio company’s own offering of on-the-go Chicago-style sonic bliss, born from years of preamp modification as a transformer-coupled mic preamp proffering two channels of fast response with a fat low-end sound stemming from a flexible, well-rounded design that is both perfectly portable and perfectly proportioned to support smaller set-ups when used in a desktop capacity, complimenting any microphone collection to capably capture every nuance and detail — as of February 2…
As a two-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp par excellence, Black Lion Audio’s Auteur mkIII starts with a modern front end that is best described as fast and transparent, therefore perfect for capturing every nuance and detail, following this up with a vintage-inspired output-stage design coupled with Cinemag transformers that allow for a massive, colorful sound. This two-pronged approach results in a preamp that is a perfect jack-of-all-trades, one which sounds amazing when working with anything anyone can throw at it. Indeed, each of those two channels comes complete with rear panel positioned MIC IN connections on XLR jacks and balanced TRS line OUTPUT connections. Clearly labelled LINE level (TRS ENGAGE) inputs for adding warmth to keyboards, synths, and even full stereo mixes are on the front panel, while an associated HI-Z switch makes for a stellar instrument input for direct capture of guitar and bass. Both channels also feature front panel positioned GAIN controls (with up to 62dB of gain), plus buttons for engaging PAD (-10dB), 48V (phantom power), and Ø (polarity reverse).
Removable rack ears are also included as Auteur mkIII can be conveniently racked in a 1⁄2U space. Saying that, its road-worthy chassis is as robust as it is portable — perfect for on-the-go usage and also perfectly proportioned to support smaller set-ups when used in a desktop capacity.
Clearly, any awesome microphone merits being paired with an awesome preamp to bring out its best qualities, and Auteur mkIII makes for an outstanding offering to achieve that anywhere as a flexible, well-rounded design that works exceptionally well with any microphone collection. Chicago-style sonic bliss is there for the taking — take it to wherever it is needed as a perfectly portable package putting that sought-after sound into any location… and all without being a back-breaking exercise or breaking the bank beforehand! 
Auteur mkIII is available to purchase through Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors ( with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $419.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €419.00 EUR (excluding VAT).
For further information, please visit the dedicated Auteur mkIII webpage here:

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