IK Multimedia Adds More Value to All Its Hardware Product Lines

February 2, 2022 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce new value-adding initiatives for all hardware products beginning February 1, 2022. All IK products, be it an interface, a pair of monitors, a microphone, a synth or guitar pedals, not only always sound great, but they’re also at the top when it comes to value for money as IK customers well know and appreciate.

But IK wanted to go even further. So to honor our motto and continue to put “Musicians First,” IK is significantly enhancing the value of all hardware products by offering the following updates:

    1. Extended 2-year manufacturer warranty worldwide
IK will now offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty worldwide for the original owner of hardware products purchased from IK’s online store or any IK authorized dealer worldwide. This simplifies after-sales support for customers who shop in different parts of the globe, assures musicians who choose to invest in IK products of our commitment to quality and further celebrates IK’s heritage of fine Italian craftsmanship.

    2. Enhanced software bundles
Customers of select IK interfaces, controllers, microphones, studio monitors, synths and guitar pedals, can now enjoy an enhanced software bundle with their choice of software. In addition to a pre-selected software bundle, users can now choose up to 2 additional software titles from IK’s SE/CE editions of AmpliTube, SampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik, MODO BASS, MODO DRUM, Syntronik 2, and T-RackS 5, for a total value of up to $/€450 in free software titles.

    3. More JamPoints with each purchase
IK customers will now earn more JamPoints™ on all hardware purchases as part of IK’s popular rewards program. Customers can redeem their JamPoints at any time while shopping in the IK Store or the Custom Shop and save up to 30% on hardware and software purchases.

    4. USB-C cables added to all iRig items
All compatible iRig hardware products now include a USB-C cable, together with the already supplied Lightning and USB cables in all applicable products. Providing users with plug and play operation right out of the box with all of today’s latest devices and the widest range of compatibility without the need for adaptors, IK continues to be the industry’s leading MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) manufacturer and developer.

In addition, IK will be premiering and enhancing many hardware / software bundles to bring users even more value. Interested musicians can view these bundles HERE.

These new updates for the hardware range fulfill IK’s commitment to providing musicians and content creators with innovative products representing outstanding value.

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