ChopTones introduces inaugural guitar amp plug-in as Vocs MV BM, leveraging neural networking technology to recreate rock royalty’s iconic tone

ALBEROBELLO, ITALY: professional producer and seller of content for all guitar and bass digital devices ChopTones is proud to introduce Vocs MV BM as its inaugural guitar amp plug-in — duly designed to recreate the one-of-a-kind tone of the MV50 Brian May guitar amp head, itself the result of a close collaboration between a certain iconic British brand of amplification and acclaimed British rock royalty, by leveraging cutting-edge neural networking technology to capture the essence and nuance of the original hardware with unparalleled accuracy — as of April 30…
It is fair to say that ChopTones’ first-ever guitar amp plug-in bridges history with technology. That said, however, Vocs MV BM is more than a mere replication of the guitar amp head hardware from which it draws its inspiration, but rather represents a resurrection of grand, ethereal rock resonance into a flexible format that meets the demands of today’s DAW-driven workflow. With that in mind, then, the possibilities are (almost) endless — whether crafting classic rock ballads or experimenting with genre-defying compositions.
But behind Vocs MV BM’s familiar-looking GUI there is some seriously cutting-edge neural networking technology being utilised. Ultimately, this allows the plug-in to capture the striking tonal characteristics and nuances of the MV50 Brian May guitar amp head, including its revered signature treble boost functionality for sculpting a one-of-a-kind tone; TREBLE BOOST of course can do likewise, making every strummed chord processed by Vocs MV BM reverberate with legendary impact.
Indeed, users are able to totally control their tone, thanks to Vocs MV BM’s meticulously refined feature set. Superficially simple, self-explanatory GAIN, TONE, TREBLE BOOST, and VOLUME controls are implemented with intuition and practicality firmly in mind, making it easy for the plug-in’s users to tweak their sound to perfection — dial in settings to tailor always-amazing-sounding results, ranging from subtle nuances to roaring crescendos, in other words.
Creativity can quickly be unleashed with Vocs MV BM, whether paying tribute to a timeless rock anthem or blazing new musical trails. Which way they want to go, exactly, is entirely up to the user — revolutionising their sound, captivating their audience, leaving their mark on musical history… anything, it appears, is possible! 
Vocs MV BM is available to purchase as an AU-, CLAP-, LV2-, VST2-, and VST3-format-compatible guitar amp plug-in at a time-limited introductory promo price of only €29.90 EUR/$32.99 USD — rising thereafter to its regular price of €49.90 EUR/$53.99 USD — directly from ChopTones here:
Vocs MV BM can be used in conjunction with IR Loader — ChopTones’ two-slot IR (impulse response) loader for creating incredible cabinet and mic combinations at the touch of a button and achieving premium sound quality in the clear-cut process — available as a free AU- and VST-format-compatible plug-in by simply entering an e-mail address here:
See and hear Vocs MV BM in action while watching ChopTones’ informative introductory video here:

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