Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection Brand New, Out Now: Only available until January 25th!

Introducing the first APD exclusive through special development with Dan Dean. This unique collection features 5 different bass guitar libraries, each with its own distinctive sound. The DD Signature Bass Collection will only exist from January 12th-25th.

For more information, please checkout the manual here: https://goo.gl/4ODb2L
Key Features
  • Very high quality basses
  • Accusample technology™
  • Huge number of samples, as many as 1,461 per instrument
  • Programmed using 4 round robins of every note on the instrument

    24 bit sampling

  • “Supertuned” using Peterson Strobosoft™
  • A wide assortment of amplifiers via both IR and using Kontakt’s built in tools*
  • Distortion presets*
  • Distortion + amplifier cabinet presets*
  • Chorus presets*
  • Modwheel, sustain pedal and velocity switching presets allowing you to switch between the Slap and Pop samples (Alembic SlapPop Bass only)
  • Very clean signal path
  • For the Alembic SlapPop Bass, we used DR Hi Beam™ Roundwounds

    *Kontakt version only

Offer ends January 25th.
For more info visit: https://audioplugin.deals

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