Free Syntronik OXa for IK Newsletter Subscribers

IK Multimedia is giving away Syntronik OXa synth from now until June 17th – just as a thank you for being an IK newsletter subscriber.

Syntronik OXa provides two timeless synthesizers; the Oberheim OB-X and OB-Xa. Manufactured from 1979-1981, the OB-X was built on the foundation of the SEM and 4-Voice instruments.  An iconic example of what the OB-Xa is capable of is the brassy sound used on Van Halen’s “Jump”.

Follow these steps below to get your free Syntronik OXa here:

  1. Sign up for the IK Multimedia newsletter here.
  2. Go to your User Area to redeem your Syntronik OXa sounds 
  3. Once redeemed, go to My Products and under the Sounds Download section to get your Syntronik OXa 
  4. Download your Syntronik Free software using the download button on the right side of the screen
  5. Install and authorize your products by inserting the serials in the Authorization Manager (Serials are found in My Products)
  6. The Syntronik OXa is now unlocked and ready to be played inside of Syntronik!

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