Modartt releases a Concert Harp for Pianoteq

modartt-blackModartt releases a Concert Harp for Pianoteq, physically modelled after a Salvi concert grand harp. The virtual instrument includes pedals to change the pitch of the strings when playing in diatonic mode. It also allows to play pinch harmonics (flageolets) and glissandos.



History of the harp:
The harp has appeared in many forms since as early as 3500 BC. The pedal harp appeared around 1700, and was improved in 1810 by S. Erard’s double movement, which allows to play in all keys and is still today’s standard for the concert harp. The harp was extremely popular in the 18th century, used by many baroque and classical composers of the time (Händel, Mozart and others) and later started to appear in operas by Puccini and in symphonic music and ballets by Liszt, Berlioz, Massenet, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Wagner and others. The harp is also featured in modern music, appearing in works such as “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles and “Dark Lady” by Cher. In the Marx Brothers movies, the very skilled harp player by the nickname Harpo often dedicates entire scenes playing the harp.

Concert Harp goes Pianoteq:

The concert harp possesses 47 strings attached to a soundboard, and is played with the fingertips of the first four fingers with both hands. Since there are no damped strings during playing, the harp has a special magical sound which the Pianoteq physical modelling manages to capture with astonishing authenticity. The concert harp for Pianoteq includes the ability to play pinch harmonics (flageolets) and glissandos. Moreover, a diatonic playing mode was designed to offer a completely unique experience, closer to the reality of the instrument where seven pedals allow to change the pitch of the strings and play in all keys.

Download and Try:

The Concert Harp is sold as an instrument pack for 49€/$59 and requires the latest update 5.3 of Pianoteq. It is available for evaluation in the free trial version of Pianoteq which can be downloaded from the website where you can also listen to audio samples.

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