Modartt releases Model B Grand Piano for Pianoteq

pianoteq5-logo-whiteModartt releases Model B Grand Piano for Pianoteq. This instrument is modelled after a Steinway B Grand Piano from Hamburg, known for its splendid and versatile character. Subtle refinements of the physical model contribute to a faithful rendering of the original instrument.



A prestigious signature:
The piano that is modelled belongs to the Martha Argerich edition, a set of twenty-five Steinway & Sons Model B-211 pianos that the prestigious pianist carefully selected in 2014 for their musicality. She signed each.

About the Steinway B:
The first Steinway B grand pianos were manufactured in 1878. The Steinway B is now the best selling Steinway grand piano. It is generally known as “The Perfect Piano”. It has much of the concert grand piano sound of a Steinway D, although it is smaller, and thus better suited for recording studios and mid-sized recital venues.
Very easy to play, it is perfect for achieving a wide range of timbres, from a nuanced, delicate
pianissimo to the thunder of a crescendo.

The Model B Grand Piano for Pianoteq:
The virtual grand piano Model B for Pianoteq was carefully designed to reproduce the finest sound
characteristics of the Steinway B instrument that was selected by Modartt for this project. Subtle
refinements of the physical modelling were made, resulting in a noticeably clear tone and
astounding dynamics.

Download & Try:
The Model B Grand Piano is provided as an instrument pack for 49€/$59, and requires the latest update 5.5 of Pianoteq. The instrument is available for evaluation in the free trial version of Pianoteq, which can be downloaded from the website, where you can also listen to audio samples.

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