NAMM 2015 – Nektar Panorama supports the Reaper

nektar_logo_blackNektar Technology have updated their award winning Panorama Controller series announcing deep integration with Reaper, the popular DAW developed by Cockos. With Panorama, Reaper users now benefit from transparent mixer control, transport and navigation plus for instruments and effects, Nektar’s acclaimed plugin map technology originally introduced for Cubase and Nuendo.


Panorama’s plugin map technology works transparently through Reaper, free from plugin wrappers or 3rd party software. A press of the instrument button on Panorama maps any inserted VSTi, AU or DX instrument’s plugin parameters to Panorama controls. Parameter names and values are presented on Panorama’s high-res color display so you always know where you are and what you are controlling. Nektar mapped instruments can be navigated using a transparent menu system. Select Filter, control the filter, select LFO, control the LFO…it’s that simple.

Map files can be customized or created by the user using a unique learn function. And if multiple instruments are present on the same track, a simple selection menu allows complete navigation between the layered instruments.

When it’s time to mix, Panorama’s Mixer mode transforms the instrument to a complete mixing console. Control up to 8 channels in a bank using the first 8 45mm faders and press bank over to control any additional channels. Options to control mute, solo, pan and sends are included for all 8 channels. Panorama’s motorized fader (P4 and P6 only) follows track selection for instant access to volume control at any time, in any mode.

Channel strip control includes :

  • EQ, with the ability to create an EQ when none is present,
  • Inserts with navigation of 16 insert slots and Nektar plugin mapping
  • FX Sends control up to 16 sends levels
  • Channel for channel activity, read and write automation

Transport allows hands-on control and navigation of the entire DAW including setting loop points and changing tempo.  There are also dedicated ‚global‘ controls for patch browsing, Track navigation and the usual transport controls.  All this makes perfect for a truly mouse-free experience.

Pricing and Availability:
Reaper integration is free for all owners of Nektar Panorama advanced workflow keyboards and is available to download from Nektar’s website now.

Further informations here: Link

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