New from Audio Modeling – The String Selections

We are excited to introduce you to something extraordinary: the SWAM String Sections! 🎻🎶 It’s a game-changer, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

For years, Audio Modeling has dreamt of crafting virtual instruments that transcend the limitations of traditional sample libraries. This dream led to the development of the revolutionary SWAM Solo Instruments, embracing cutting-edge physical and behavioral modeling technology, which has unlocked new dimensions of expressiveness and control.

SWAM String Sections is a suite of four unique plugins, each dedicated to a section of the string orchestra: Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses. These aren’t just static strings; think of them as your own orchestra. You have the power to tailor each section’s size and divisions to suit your musical vision.

What? I want it now!

SWAM instruments are all about real-time control. Just like with SWAM Solo Strings, you hold the reins, shaping your music with staccato/legato, expressive bowing, vibrato, portamenti, harmonics, tremolo, and countless creative combinations. Seamlessly glide from one musical style to another, from one articulation to the next, all without missing a beat.

Who’s It For? Everyone!
SWAM String Sections are designed for both seasoned music producers and enthusiasts who simply want to have fun. It’s the culmination of years of tireless research and development, and we’re absolutely delighted to share this milestone with you. The Audio Modeling team invites you to embark on an expressive journey into a new realm of music-making.

You’ve convinced me, I want it!
If you have any doubts or questions drop by our Knowledge Base, we have prepared lots of content to help you use our new product right away!

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