Tracktion Education: Free Software Tools For Audio Learning

SEATTLE, WA (October 9th, 2019) – Tracktion Corporation Education proudly offers all its software FREE to educational institutions and a 50% saving on the cost of any license to students. Plus, both teachers and students can benefit from access to the open source Tracktion Engine codebase, the perfect tool for an introduction to programming.

Most teaching establishments and many students pay large sums for software licenses. Tracktion has committed to removing these barriers to learning by adopting a policy to provide educational institutions with FREE multi-seat licenses to all their software,  supported by a student discount of 50% on any software license.
Tracktion’s Waveform DAW is a creative, inspirational and affordable music production software. Its earlier incarnation T7, is available FREE to all.  Both offer an intuitive, and professional feature set which allows users to compose, record, edit, mix and share their music with ease.
The company offers a wide range of virtual instruments: Biotek provides users with unlimited opportunities to evolve their own sound with a range of natural and environmental samples. Retromod captures the soul of classic hardware synthesizers and adds a contemporary twist. Delta V Audio’s Spacecraft is an easy to play, powerful granular synth and Mok’s Waverazor is a futuristic synth that allows users to splice waveforms into new sounds. Socalabs 8-Bit Treats, a complimentary series of plugins that emulate classic game consoles, and Waverazor LE are available FREE.  
The DAW Essential Collection of effects is an inspiring, contemporary selection of sixteen FX plugins which are compatible with all major DAWs. Users looking for a professional stereo mastering plugin that offers multi band dynamic processing and equalization should take a look at Master Mix and those looking for the perfect drum sound need to consider Imagina Loops.
Tracktion Engine, in JUCE module format, is quick and easy to setup and has been designed so users can focus on building audio apps with great features. It provides plenty of interest for teachers and students alike.
To find out more about Tracktion Education and all the companies products please go to

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