Tunefish 4 Beta Synth von BrainControl

Brain-Control -LogoDie BrainControl Gruppe hat den Tunefish 4 Synth in einer kostenlosen Beta Version veröffentlicht. Die Software wird zunächst für MAC und Windows als 32 und 64 BIT Version als VSTi und AU angeboten, Eine Linux Version soll bald folgen. Mit weniger als 1 MB, ist die Software recht klein. Die Entwickler schreiben dazu:


Tunefish v4 was developed as a smaller replacement of Tunefish v3 with roughly the same power. It was developed for our intro Turtles all the way down which forced us to rethink how to most effectively produce music in very tight machine code. Read more about it here. The result was totally worth it and some might argue it is even more powerful. To open it up to a broader range of people, it was also ported over to Linux and MacOS and it was given a new polished UI.



  • Available on Windows and Linux as VST (32 and 64 bit) and on Mac as Audio Unit or VST (Universal binary)
  • Improved UI compared to TF3 which will visualize all modulations
  • Uses an additive synthesis based wavetable generator
  • The Noise generator can produce any frequency of noise with any bandwidth
  • Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and an improved Notch filter are available
  • 2 ADSRs and 2 LFOs that can be linked to pretty much any important knob using a modulation matrix
  • Supported effects are Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, EQ and Formant
  • The effects stack allows for any permutation of up to 10 effects


Weitere Informationen und den Download gibt es hier: Link

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