Arturia offer free trial of V Collection 7

The critically acclaimed anthology of software instruments is now available to trial for free, without restrictions, until June 4th 2019.

To promote the recent release of their flagship software bundle, Grenoble-based developers Arturia will allow all musicians, producers, and music fans alike to experience all of their award-winning virtual instruments.

To start a free trial of V Collection 7, simply head to Arturia’s free trial page, log in or create an account, and follow the simple instructions:

Before this offer, all of Arturia’s software instruments could be used on a time-limited free trial, but the experience was capped to 20 minutes. Now, for the first time, Arturia will allow all users to experience all 24 instruments from their award-winning V Collection 7 bundle with no restrictions until the end of May.

Not only does this free trial of V Collection 7 include classics like Mini V, Prophet V, CS-80 V, and DX7 V, it also includes the 3 groundbreaking new instruments Mellotron V, CZ V, and Synthi V, as well as unadulterated access to Synthopedia: 800 cutting edge new sounds, pushing the limits of these incredible iconic synths.

In V Collection 7, Arturia have used cutting-edge modelling techniques to create the most accurate software versions of dozens of time-honored instruments. Their exclusive True Analog Emulation® (TAE) and advanced physical modelling put these legendary instruments at your fingertips as software. Over 100 years of music history are now yours to explore, and use to shape the sound of the future.

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