Komet AmbiKab Junior Enables Guitar Spatial Effects Without Sacrificing Amp Tone

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—January 2018…  Following up on the success of its groundbreaking, patent-pending AmbiKab stereo effects-amplification guitar cabinet, which enables the addition of ambient guitar effects while maintaining the tone of a guitar amplifier, Komet™ Amplification has introduced the AmbiKab Junior.

​Often, when applied time-based effects such as reverb or delay are applied before distortion, the sound becomes “washed out” and indistinct. Many amplifiers employ an onboard effects loop for this, but this design only works if the amplifier’s output stage does not contribute to the overall tone. Effects loops don’t work well with many classic vintage amplifiers, which don’t have a master volume and employ output-stage distortion to attain greater responsiveness and a rich sound.

Intended to be used with combo amplifiers that have internal speakers for the dry guitar sound, the AmbiKab Junior’s 16 ohm speaker input connects to the combo amp’s second speaker output. The AmbiKab Junior routes the signal to a line-level output that patches to your effects input. An Effects Send Level control enables the AmbiKab Junior to accommodate a variety of effects, from floor pedals to studio-quality rack units. The wet signal is returned to the AmbiKab Junior’s Left/Mono and (for stereo effects) Right effects inputs. An Effects Bass Cut knob and Effects Volume knob let you shape your wet signal and mix it to taste. The amplified wet signal then drives the AmbiKab Junior’s 12-inch Celestion speaker. An Effects Kill jack admits a footswitch (not included) so you can instantly switch to an all-dry mix.

In this way, the AmbiKab Junior expands your amp into a full stereo wet/dry/wet effects rig without altering the amp’s tone and response. In addition, because the AmbiKab Junior is physically separate from your main amp and its speakers, you can place the amp’s dry sound and the AmbiKab Junior’s wet sound in different locations for greater stereo separation, enhancing your sound-imaging possibilities.AmbiKab Junior is also a great choice for guitarists who already own a favorite amp/speaker cabinet combination. Simply run your amp through your preferred cabinet and plug the AmbiKab Junior into your amp’s second speaker out jack for instant stereo effects.
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