Modartt releases Pianoteq 7

Modartt releases version 7 of Pianoteq, introducing acoustic Morphing and Layering which let you create and mix hybrid instruments with stunning acoustic authenticity. Besides a refined physical model benefiting all pianos, a New York Steinway Model D virtual concert grand, authorized by Steinway & Sons, has been developed, bringing the legendary concert piano sound with superb musical expression.

Morphing and Layering:
Instruments XyloHarp, VibraDrum or GlockenTines certainly do not exist. These are however three of the many instruments you can create with the acoustic Morphing introduced in Pianoteq 7 (Standard/PRO). This innovative technology handles the morphing at the physical modelling level, providing stunning acoustic authenticity to instruments that never existed.

On popular demand, Modartt adds a new Layering feature allowing to mix several instruments, e.g. playing Bass Marimba in the low range, Xylophone in the upper range and mixing both together in the middle range. The difference between Morphing and Layering is that in the latter the two sounds are mixed together, whereas in Morphing the instrument Physics itself is being morphed.

Refined physical model:
Modartt introduces a new refinement in its physical model: the double polarization. It consists in modelling string vibrations that can take any direction, e.g. parallel or perpendicular to the soundboard. The new physical model allows more complex tones to be produced, and as observed by a pianist, the sound becomes “three-dimensional”. It also allows longer sustain, particularly in the bass range, with notes lasting up to a couple of minutes, just like on a real acoustic piano. All pianos in Pianoteq 7 are constructed and revoiced using this new physical model.

New grand piano modelled after a New York Steinway Model D:
In collaboration with Steinway & Sons, Modartt has recorded a beautiful new Model D Concert Grand at the famous New York Steinway Hall. The reference piano was the very first produced of Steinway’s groundbreaking new flagship instrument — the Model D Spirio|r, and has been used by some of the most famous pianists in the world today. The new New York Steinway model D for Pianoteq accompanies the existing Hamburg Steinway D and provides the famous Steinway concert piano sound with superb musical expression.

Download and Try:
Visit the website to find out more, listen to audio demos and download a free trial version. Existing Pianoteq customers can upgrade to version 7 for €29/$39.

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